Giving back

Brook Apparel is designed and manufactured entirely in Canada! Ethical manufacturing is at the core of who we are and we are so proud to help employ Canadians right here in Abbotsford BC.

Did you know that the manufacturing process of garments overseas is in need of some serious changes? The practices for the fast fashion industry are far less than ideal and their standards in health, safety, and workers protection need to change, quickly! At Brook, we are passionate about bringing awareness to the humanitarian rights of our friends overseas. We believe that a safe work place environment that allows these people adequate pay to provide for their families should be part of those rights.

We’ve joined the slow fashion movement to support sustainability, reduce textile wastes, and to bring awareness to the negative impact that fast fashion has on so many lives. We’re passionate about helping to raise the voice of those who need to be heard in the fashion industry. We’re standing up to bring awareness to those who need help in fighting for better work place standards in both health and safety and the need to slow down the fashion industry for the betterment of our friends overseas and the protection of our planet.

By supporting Brook Apparel you are helping us to raise our voice in an industry that, we passionately feel, needs to shift for the better. 

So here’s to you! Thank you for choosing to cloth your kiddo in safe, ethical, and sustainable apparel! 


PS: In case you didn’t know, we believe in giving back. We have made a commitment to consistently donating proceeds and product to a variety of organizations in need!

These organizations exist to lift up the less fortunate, whether they are seamstresses overseas, or mamas in our own backyard.

Take a look at who we are currently working with:

Mamas for Mamas 

We have committed to donating 1 item for every 10 items sold for the entire spring/summer season to Mama's for Mama's!

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